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The Owner, Matthew Germano has over 40 years hands on experience in the construction industry. Being self employed for 35 of those 40 years, He has developed skills of a master stone mason, carpenter and designer. As a result, He loves adding many architectural elements to his designs. His work has been featured in many publications over the years. If you are looking for creative idea's for your wine cellar storage room and the highest quality craftsmanship, then you have come to the right place!


The owner Matthew Germano would love to meet with you personally to discuss your wine cellar needs. He will note everything you would like to see in your new wine cellar and offer a few suggestions along the way. Design fee; One of the services we provide is 2-d and 3-d (cad design) this means you will have the benefit of seeing your newly designed wine cellar in three dimensions! Because of the extensive hour we put into your cellar design, there is a design fee. The fee differs depending on the size of your wine cellar.

You will be quoted the design fee on the day of our consultation. Please take a look at any of the links provided in the navigation bar on this site to see some of our completely satisfied past clients projects!

Why Choose Us?

Matthew Germano was the first (and only) dedicated wine cellar designer/builder in the middle Tennessee area going back to 2001.Designing and building custom wine cellars and tasting rooms is all that we do!

We understand the investment you will have in collecting fine wine from around the world. For that reason, we have put together a solid team of professionals who are completely dedicated to providing you with the finest constructed custom wine cellars that your money can buy!

Don't trust your long term investment with general contractors who are not specialist and do not have a proven past positive history of proper wine cellar construction.

We are vetted solely by our past customers. Please see our customer testimonials page to read what just a few of our past wine cellar clients have to say about why you should choose us!

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