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Imported Italian Pizza Ovens:

Our customers who are avid wine collectors also love the idea of having their own backyard, Pizza Oven.

Imported Italian Pizza Ovens:

If you love pairing your favorite wines with gourmet Pizza, then we can help.

Being originally from New York state, I grew up eating wood fired Pizza and when I moved to Tennessee many years ago, I could not bare to leave the Tast of that wonderful Pizza behind.

So, I became a dealer for several brands of Imported Italian made Pizza Ovens.

You can now bring the Tast of Itally right to your own back yard or side yard patio.

Please take a look at some of the Pizza Ovens we have to over you, they are already professionally build and pre-assembled for you. Upon delivery, just open the crating (if you have just the tabletop model) and then set your new oven up on your outdoor countertop area, start your fire in the oven, let the oven reach the proper cooking temperatures and insert your favorite pizza.

If you don't already have an existing outdoor kitchen in place, then you can order a custom-made pizza oven stand, pizza peel set,

oven covers and other accessories to meet all your cooking tool your needs.

If you love the flavor of wood and gas fired Pizza and would like pricing on one of our imported Italian ovens then give me a call at,


Matthew Germano

Wood fired, pellet fired, and gas fired Pizza Ovens Imported from Italy