Wine Cellar Construction in Nashville, TN

Pantry Closet / Wine Cellars

Existing Pantry closets are a perfect storage space to collect your wines.
Generally a non-refrigerated closet can hold 200 to 300 bottles of wine. 


custom built refrigerated wine cellar

Large walk in closets or small utility rooms can be refrigerated and converted into medium size wine cellars.Depending on size holding  up to 1000 bottles of wine.


Large utility rooms or large basement space can be converted into fully refrigerated custom wine cellar storage rooms. These rooms can store up to 3000 bottles.

Custom Tasting Rooms

We build unique tasting rooms

Many of our client like the idea of have a custom wine tasting room. When room permits, we create what our customer's have declared to be their favorite room in their home where they can enjoy their fine wines.

Consultation Services

We would love to design and build your custom wine cellar. Also, if you have a custom home builder who is unsure on how to properly build a wine cellar, then have them call us. We will be glad to work together and make your dream of owning your own privet wine cellar come true!

Wine Cellar Design Services

wine cellar design and cad drawing services

We love sitting down to consult with each new customer to find out what your exact wine storage needs are, We then draft up 3-d cad drawings of your new wine cellar.We provide very detailed drawings so you know what your finish cellar will look like.

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Custom free standing wine cab-color rendering-A (png)


Free standing wine cab show Led features-B (png)


Free standing wine cab-Plan view-C (png)


Past wine cellar project Videos

Check out this ordinary closet we converted into a fully refrigerated custom wine cellar!

Combination wine cellar and wine tasting room!

Check out this Video featuring a custom wine tasting room and a custom built wine cellar!

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Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Wine Cellar refrigeration, installations, repairs and matainance

Not only do we sell and install wine cellar cooling equipment, we also provide repair and yearly maintenance services.

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As of 2018, Nashville Wine Cellars is a division of Germano Wine Cellars. Over the years we have worked for some really great customers. Our customer's allow us to do what we love to do. Here are just a few of their personal testimonies.

Architectural Details

European style wine cellars, Iron, add brick, add stone, add stucco add tile, add wood cabinetry,

With over 40 years of construction experience, Nashville Wine Cellars can add Iron work, stone work, brick work, stucco, plaster, granite, art work, and custom wood cabinetry to create one of a kind wine rooms and tasting rooms that will exceed your expectations!

Iron Doors & Gates, Wood & Iron

Wine Cellar , iron door, iron gates, carved wood doors, wood and iron doors, glass doors.

Do you want to make a statement for the entry into your wine cellar or tasting room? We have some of the most beautiful and unique Iron Doors and Gates as well as combination, wood, glass and Iron doors.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!


If you are Novas collector or a seasoned wine enthusiast, then we have a great new product for you.

We can utilize many of the more modern wine rack system that mount to your wall, then we add a custom built led enclosed light valance above the wine, then you add your favorite wine art in the center and wala, you now have a wine & art masterpiece!

Click on the down load button below for example.

Germano Wine Cellars Wine & Art Custom Light Valance copy (pdf)